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I am a creative being from the essence. Music is the air I breath in. I am translating music into paintings and art. Scales, rhythm. Singing with the paintbrush. Changing from mayor to minor. Colours, notes… each one of my paintings has a name of a song. I always choose a song and listen to it whilst I paint. It’s a direct inspiration, translation and guide for me!

Soy creativa desde la escencia. La música es el aire que respiro. Traduzco la música a mi arte y mi pintura. Colores, notas y mas notas y mas colores… Cada cuadro mio tiene nombre de una canción ya que elijo una canción y me dejo inspirar y guiar escuchandola mientras que pinto.

Ich bin ein kreatives Sein. Musik ist die Luft die ich einatme. Ich übersetze Musik in Meine Bilder und in meine Kunst. Tonleiter, Rythmen – Ich singe mit dem Pinsel… Farben, Noten… Jedes meiner Bilder hat den Namen eines Songs, da ich jeweils einen Song auslese und mich von im führen lasse währen ich das Bild male…


each painting and serie of 3 paintings has a name of a song of Edith Piaf as some french lyrics are written on the top




the real book is THE BIBLE of all Jazz musicians. All the evergreens jazz songs are there. Every song you ever heard from Duke Ellington, Ella, Fred Astaire etc. The titles of the songs are amazing, they are like mantras and so I choose a song, I listen to it within his different versions and i create my painting.


fishes & more . The sea is art, he offers us art, I just collect and transform it into something lovely.


summer, the sea, you & me, love ! These paintings are happy and funny like swing jazz music. Each painting has a name of a swing jazz song. You’ll find single pieces or tweens.